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We always believe that quality control must be throughout every aspect of production and inspection. Strict inspection and control are carried out in each link of our products from the beginning of mold development, procurement of raw materials to finished products. We all strive to be more professional and rigorous in product self-inspection at each process and post, and in full inspection of semi-finished and finished products! We keep in mind that it is security and quality that matter.

In addition, we must strictly control product quality, maintain the stability of product performance and the aesthetics of product appearance, and enhance the quality awareness of employees, which is the key to the pursuit of competitive advantages of the enterprise. We improve quality awareness of our employees through ways such as dissemination of quality information among employees, words and deeds of the corresponding workshop leaders, demonstrations and illustrations, regular training and publicity on the importance of product quality and operating essentials, and establishment of quality systems and quality improvement programs.

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AntaiBrake was founded in 2005 , as one of the most professional brake pads manufacturer , we AntaiBrake believe that quality is our life . .

In our national market , we have AntaiBrake own brand "GAM®" and "配乐门®",which is famous in China .

In foreign market , we make for customer their own brand of brake pads with different requirements .

Year after year , we offer high quality brake pads to different countries , helped more and more customers consolidating and increasing their business in the market...